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About us

Javier and José are two brothers specializing in Antique Hispanic-American Art and Equestrian Silver from the River Plate. Their love and knowledge of art and antiques goes back to their earliest childhood, the fruit of growing up surrounded by ancient pieces of family heritage. Their knowledge and passion increased over time, due to the study and experience gained in the international art market. So, after years of extensive experience, in 1987 Eguiguren Arte de Hispanoamérica was born.

Along with their activity as antiques dealers, due to their area of expertise, they have also worked as consultants and curators on exhibitions and mega-exhibitions at national and international museums, as well as publishing specialized catalogues and books boasting a high standard of research and an academic framework. Some of these studies have led to reviews of, and updates in, our knowledge of Hispanic-American Silver, both in museums and private collections, and as a consequence museums, institutions and collectors often request their advice or an exchange of ideas in these areas of Latin American art.

At the same time, Eguiguren Arte de Hispanoamérica consults with expert researchers and historians, and when necessary scientific analyses are used with specific focuses to shed light on different kind of works of art.